Innovation with integrity

We aim to inspire our clients, consumers and employees alike with our uncompromising science.


Let us begin

We have initiated research projects to engineer cells to be better at what they do:  producing biological molecules.

We are developing biological systems to facilitate better delivery of therapeutic molecules, including proteins, enzymes, and nucleic acids, directly to cells. We are pursuing therapeutic programs that have to potential to significantly improve human health. We are actively working with and seeking collaborators with innovative technology that can accelerate our progress.

We believe we can accomplish these goals by doing Good Science that adheres to ethical principles.

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Management team

We have a track record of creating value for our clients, partners, employees, and society. We believe in “Science that Serves” and are committed to developing innovative solutions within a strong ethical and moral framework.

  • James W. Brown, Ph.D., CEO & Co-Founder

  • Michael Chambers, Co-Founder

  • John Ballantyne, Ph.D., Co-Founder

  • Douglas VanderMeulen, M.Div., Senior Ethical Advisor

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Aim higher.

Work with us

Agathos is a company where employees can pursue their passion for science and service without compromising their beliefs.

We are ambitious, and determined to succeed. We like the same qualities in our team – together we can make a real difference.

We welcome a diverse workforce and recognize that what brings us together as a team is our commitment to solving difficult scientific problems for the benefit of society. Our company culture allows different individuals with a variety of beliefs and perspectives to come together to achieve this goal. For more insight on the culture at Agathos, read our white paper on etiquette regarding societal politics a work: Download it here.