Good Science without compromise

We are pushing the boundaries of science to develop revolutionary products and empower research and development, driven by our founding belief that every life is valued.


Our mission: valuing every life

Agathos will pursue therapeutic products and use the products and services we develop in our own research and manufacturing in addition to providing them to others.

The tremendous growth and investment in regenerative medicine, which continues at a record-breaking pace, provides opportunities we want to pursue to positively impact patients with unmet medical needs.

This approach will allow us to demonstrate the utility of the technologies we develop and provide an example and blueprint for ethical biotechnology product development.

As an industry we must do better providing products and services that consumers want, and this includes those they can use with a clear conscience. Agathos will lead these efforts and looks forward to working with individuals and organizations that share our vision.

Agathos Biologics Culture

August 26, 2021

Agathos Biologics CEO James Brown describes a corporate culture based on trusting employees and focusing on the mission. View an extended version of this video here.

Building a culture based on trust and focus

Watch the extended version of the Agathos Biologics Culture video here.

White paper

For more insight on the culture at Agathos, read our white paper on etiquette regarding societal politics a work: Download it here.

Most political and cultural issues – e.g., voting rights laws, climate change, funding of law enforcement – although important, do not impact our mission and the company will not spend time and energy on them. Some political and cultural issues do impact our mission and our employees, and we must respond to and address them.

For more details on these matters see our insurance and facilities policies.