• • Based on widely used BHK-21
  • • Existing plasmids and transfection processes for rAAV production
  • • BHK origin avoids ethical concerns
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Cell lines for research, biomanufacturing and viral vector production

Agathos BHK-[wt E1] has been developed for recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) production and other biomanufacturing and research applications that benefit from a mammalian cell expressing the adenovirus E1 gene.

BHK-[wt E1] was developed by transfecting adenovirus E1 genes with selective pressure using hygromycin.

Using existing plasmids and triple transfection techniques BHK-[wt E1] was used to produce rAAV.

rAAV2-GFP genomes from triple transfection of BHK-[wt E1] cells are detected via digital PCR (QIAGEN Qiacuity)

Fluorescent (top) and fluorescent merged with bright field (bottom) images of HepG2 cells transduced with rAAV2-GFP from BHK-[wt E1].

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