BHK-21 transformed with adenoviral E1 gene and GH329 cell line shown to produce recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV)

Agathos Biologics, a leading biotechnology company in genetic medicine, will present data at the 26th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) from research to develop methods for production of rAAV. The company has developed a cell line based on BHK-21 that it transformed with a plasmid containing the E1 gene of adenovirus. The data show rAAV production with this cell line, Agathos BHK-[wt E1], using a standard triple transfection method. The company will also present data that show a cell line based on HeLa, GH329, which was previously developed for recombinant adenovirus production through transformation using a modified version of the E1 gene of adenovirus, can produce rAAV using triple transfection. The BHK-[wt E1] data will be presented in a poster titled “E1-transformed BHK Cell Lines for Helper Virus-Free AAV Production Using Triple Transfection”, number 1221, and the GH329 data will be presented in a poster titled “Use of the GH329 Cell Line for Adeno-Associated Virus Production”, number 397.

“We are excited to present our data that show rAAV production in Agathos BHK-[wt E1] and GH329,” said James Brown, CEO and co-founder of Agathos Biologics. “Our goal is to provide scientists, manufacturers, health care providers and patients with options for genetic medicine that improve existing methods and address ethical concerns. We are working to develop these and related technologies into products and services for research and biomanufacturing.”

Agathos has submitted provisional patent applications based on these data and associated technologies. The company plans to use the cell lines and methods to produce materials for its internal programs and for sale, initially for research use with expansion into regulated biomanufacturing. “We are actively seeking partners and collaborators who will co-develop these products with us; we believe this is the best strategy to positively impact genetic medicine,” added Brown. “We will be at booth 708 at the ASGCT Annual Meeting May 16-20, 2023, in Los Angeles, CA, and look forward to discussing our results with attendees.” For more information and to inquire about partnerships please visit Agathos Biomaterials.

Initial offerings focus on high content imaging and digital PCR

Agathos Biologics, a leading biotechnology company, is proud to offer advanced analytical testing services for life science researchers. With a focus on high content imaging and digital PCR, our team of experienced scientists use state-of-the-art technology to deliver unparalleled accuracy and reliability in nucleic acid quantification and cell analysis.

The first of its kind within the region, Agathos’ high content imaging services allow the capture and analysis of multiple parameters within a cell, providing a more comprehensive understanding of biology than ever before. With various imaging applications, including immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, and signaling pathways, our experienced scientists can now offer the best imaging experiments available.

Agathos Biologics uses the latest digital PCR (dPCR) technology, delivering unparalleled sensitivity and precision in nucleic acid quantification. dPCR methods can detect and quantitate low concentrations of target nucleic acid sequences with high accuracy, making it a powerful tool for mutation analysis, viral vector titer determination, and pathogen detection. Agathos exclusively uses QIAcuity instrumentation and assays from QIAGEN and has collaborated with QIAGEN in mycoplasma and recombinant adeno-associated viral vector (rAAV) assay testing and validation.

“Our goal is to advance biotechnology and genetic medicine with products and services through ethical innovation,” said James Brown, CEO and co-founder of Agathos. “As we develop capabilities for our internal research and development, we have the opportunity to make these high-content imaging and digital PCR services available to clients in our region and beyond. These services represent the first step in our strategy to create breakthrough products and services within a strong ethical and moral framework that benefit everyone.” For more information on high-content imaging and dPCR, visit

Mark Voigt

Agathos was pleased to welcome Mark in January 2022 as the fifth member of its growing team.  Joining a small company with ambitious goals required him to come up to speed quickly.  “I am excited to be a part of Agathos and create ethically-developed products and services for genetic medicine and biotechnology,” said Voigt.  “It has been an intense first few months during which I have immersed myself in the science and strategy of the company.  I’m committed to working with the talented founders and team members to create innovative solutions that will positively impact patients, researchers, and healthcare providers.”

Voigt was Director, General and Vascular Surgery at St. Cloud Hospital – CentraCare where he was responsible for physician recruitment and contracting as well as developing new service lines for the health system.  Prior to that, he was Key Account Manager at R&D Systems where he worked with scientists, lab managers, and directors to identify products and services to meet their experimental needs for drug discovery, biomarker screening, and translational research.

“Each team member at Agathos must work across functions in a fast-paced environment.  Mark has already made significant contributions in a variety of areas, from lab management and procurement to evaluating technology and market opportunities,” said James Brown, CEO of Agathos.  “His diverse background in biotechnology sales, product development, and healthcare management brings a set of skills that are important for our success.  Mark’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious and has a positive impact on everyone.”

The addition of Mark’s role, the recent addition of laboratory and office space, and the recruiting of new scientist and research associate positions are part of the company’s plan for continued growth in 2022.  “The founders of Agathos are dedicated to developing new, ethically-developed tools and therapies for genetic medicine and look forward to growing the company to achieve these goals,” added Brown.

Agathos laboratory in the Comstock research center, formerly the PRACS building

Feb. 23, 2022 (FARGO, N.D.) – Agathos Biologics announced today that it has signed a lease with Comstock Companies to acquire additional laboratory and office space, bringing its total to 10,000 square feet of usable space.  “We are excited to expand our footprint in Fargo, North Dakota, which continues to see growth in its biotechnology industry,” said James Brown, CEO of Agathos.  “The space is purpose-built for laboratory research, which will allow us to immediately increase our capacity to support our pipeline of projects.”

“We are pleased to see the growth of Agathos, adding to the space leased by life science tenants, including Sanford Health and Immunoprecise, in our research center, the former PRACS building,” said Scott Kjos, Managing Partner of Comstock Companies.  “We are eager to support the growing biotechnology industry in Fargo and adding facilities and infrastructure that will enable these companies to have a positive impact on human health.”

Founded by James Brown, John Ballantyne, and Michael Chambers, Agathos Biologics is pursuing opportunities in gene therapy, nucleic acid and protein delivery, and biomanufacturing.  Agathos’ mission as The Good Science Company is creation of transformative technologies benefiting patients, physicians, and researchers that are developed ethically, avoiding biological materials from sources including human embryonic stem cells and aborted fetal tissue and procuring materials with proper consent.

“The founders of Agathos believe that the explosive growth of biotechnology enables us to provide ethical alternatives to existing biomaterials that will allow us all to live healthier lives without compromising our deeply held beliefs.  We look forward to leading this new approach and working within the industry to realize this vision,” added Brown.

About Agathos

Agathos Biologics is a biotechnology company pursuing transformational science in biomanufacturing, biologic payload delivery, and cell and gene therapy. Discoveries in bioprocessing and genetic characterization and control have created an abundance of scientific possibilities that can help us all lead better lives. Our mission as the good science company is to create breakthrough products and services within a strong ethical and moral framework that benefits everyone. We believe in science that serves and have a relentless focus on serving our clients, employees, and society. For more information, please visit

About Comstock

Comstock Companies provides its customers with leasable space for office, research, commercial, and industrial needs in the tri-state area. Our mission is to serve our customers with the service they deserve.

August 30, 2021 (FARGO, N.D.) – Agathos Biologics, a biotechnology company developing transformational science within a strong ethical and moral framework, today announced the company has been awarded $900,000 from the North Dakota Department of Agriculture Bioscience Innovation Grant (BIG) Program.  Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring announced that nine grants have been awarded totaling $4.9 million to foster the growth of the bioscience industry in North Dakota.  “Advances in bioscience have already transformed many sectors including agriculture and medicine,” Goehring said. “These grants will help North Dakota stay on the forefront of bioscience innovation.”

Agathos Biologics’ project funded by ND BIG will focus on challenges that limit patient access to advanced genetic medicines that can significantly impact quality of life—cost, availability, and ethical concerns. Company scientists will create new materials and methods for research and biomanufacturing and use them for drug development, which will address unmet medical needs and increase the availability of genetic medicines to more patients. The company will make these products and services available to the broader biotechnology industry through direct sales and licensing, partnerships, and collaborations.

“We are honored to receive this support from the State of North Dakota and thank the Commissioner and the Committee for their work on behalf of the citizens of the state,” said James Brown, Chief Executive Officer of Agathos Biologics.  “We founded the company in North Dakota because its business-friendly environment, skilled workforce, and growing biotechnology ecosystem make it an ideal place to expand the company and achieve our goal to develop genetic medicine products and services that positively impact human health and are ethically acceptable to all.”

Navy Blue Angels and the F-16 Viper Demo Team will highlight the list of over 17 performers

July 14, 2021 (FARGO, N.D.) – Agathos Biologics is sponsoring the Fargo AirSho July 24-25, 2021 at Hector International Airport. The Fargo AirSho is a non-profit organization of 70+ volunteer members that have been producing award winning shows for more than 30 years. The event has become a million dollar production that brings over 30,000 fans from all over the US and Canada to the show.

“We are proud to sponsor the Fargo AirSho, a premier event that showcases talented aviators and innovative aircraft,” said James Brown, CEO of Agathos.  “We are fortunate to be part of the growing biotech industry in Fargo and look forward to expanding our research and development operations and continuing our support of the local community.”

​”The Fargo Airsho is grateful for Agathos Biologics sponsorship of this year’s event,” said Dick Walstad, Co-Chair.  “Participation of growing companies like Agathos is crucial to our success and has allowed the committee to make more than $500,000 in contributions to area organizations, including over $250,000 to the Fargo Air Museum.”

​For more information on the Fargo AirSho please visit