BHK-21 transformed with adenoviral E1 gene and GH329 cell line shown to produce recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV)

Agathos Biologics, a leading biotechnology company in genetic medicine, will present data at the 26th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) from research to develop methods for production of rAAV. The company has developed a cell line based on BHK-21 that it transformed with a plasmid containing the E1 gene of adenovirus. The data show rAAV production with this cell line, Agathos BHK-[wt E1], using a standard triple transfection method. The company will also present data that show a cell line based on HeLa, GH329, which was previously developed for recombinant adenovirus production through transformation using a modified version of the E1 gene of adenovirus, can produce rAAV using triple transfection. The BHK-[wt E1] data will be presented in a poster titled “E1-transformed BHK Cell Lines for Helper Virus-Free AAV Production Using Triple Transfection”, number 1221, and the GH329 data will be presented in a poster titled “Use of the GH329 Cell Line for Adeno-Associated Virus Production”, number 397.

“We are excited to present our data that show rAAV production in Agathos BHK-[wt E1] and GH329,” said James Brown, CEO and co-founder of Agathos Biologics. “Our goal is to provide scientists, manufacturers, health care providers and patients with options for genetic medicine that improve existing methods and address ethical concerns. We are working to develop these and related technologies into products and services for research and biomanufacturing.”

Agathos has submitted provisional patent applications based on these data and associated technologies. The company plans to use the cell lines and methods to produce materials for its internal programs and for sale, initially for research use with expansion into regulated biomanufacturing. “We are actively seeking partners and collaborators who will co-develop these products with us; we believe this is the best strategy to positively impact genetic medicine,” added Brown. “We will be at booth 708 at the ASGCT Annual Meeting May 16-20, 2023, in Los Angeles, CA, and look forward to discussing our results with attendees.” For more information and to inquire about partnerships please visit Agathos Biomaterials.